ODScore is now Pollinate Networks Inc.

ODScore ‘group genius’ gives rise to new venture - Pollinate Networks Inc.

After 11 years of “Connecting with Purpose,” we’re making changes at ODScore®.

When we started ODScore in 2008, our vision was to go beyond simply “tracking” activities to find ways to support our clients in achieving real, sustained growth and success.

We’ve been privileged to walk alongside an incredible variety of clients and partners as they’ve implemented global mentoring programs, analyzed their progress and managed big changes. We are grateful for the resulting body of work that honed our expertise and informed and inspired our new venture, Pollinate Networks Inc.

Pollinate is the sum total of all we’ve learned and what we do best… at scale. It is the outcome of group genius, an example of the power of bonding over ideas that matter most, and of our ability to find our path by sharing and acting on our best instincts and wisdom.

In the stormy seas of our transforming economy and world, competence and commitment are no longer enough to sustain organizations and the people who carry them forward. So we say goodbye to ODScore and hello to Pollinate to better serve these enterprises and their people as they rise to meet the challenges ahead.

Join us at pollinate.net as we emerge from our cocoon and soar!

— Christy Pettit, CEO