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ODScore® creates opportunities and solves tough organizational problems.

Great organizations are built to thrive.  Performance is engineered into your culture.  The way you hire, onboard, engage, mentor, plan, measure and motivate determines your bench strength.

We can help you with the challenges you face.  We have the right people supported by customizable consulting solutions and turn-key software, to help you realize sustainable growth.  With many years of experience in organizations of all shapes and sizes and a strong team and network of business leaders, our experience is your asset.   We have taken the time to distill best practices and build creative tools that make a difference to your business. 

We can help you to build your bench strength and accelerate growth opportunities.  Contact us to find how.

What's New at ODScore?


White Paper: The Problems with Plans

Our research has determined that traditional planning often fails because of the exaggerated importance of the static plan. New productivity systems have been developed which are far more inclusive and adaptable, and which result in planning processes that can actually make positive differences in terms of goal attainment and organizational productivity. In the white paper we explain these systems and show how they differ from one another and from traditional planning practices.

Blog:  Mentoring and Diversity - Sept 9, 2016

Mentoring is an excellent way of overcoming cultural and multi-generational differences in organizations

Blog:  Mentoring For Productivity and More  - Sept 1, 2016

Mentoring is a great way to engage employees and give them the benefit of someone else’s experience and knowledge, but there are advantages to mentoring that go far beyond mere worker engagement.

Blog:  Mentoring Millennials - Aug 17, 2016

Mentoring is one area that will help millennials find what they’re looking for, and achieve success on the job.

Blog:  The Ripple Effect of Performance Management in Agile Waters - Aug 5, 2016

Research has shown that annual employee performance evaluations based on numeric rating systems are ineffective. Annual reviews do not keep pace with a rapidly evolving work environment.

Blog:  Closing the Capability Gap - July 20, 2016

Leadership is more important than ever. Yet globally, there has been a widening of the capability gap in the leadership pipeline.


White Paper: Turning Pleasure into Business - Gamification in the Workplace

Based on new research commissioned by ODScore Inc. and Mitacs, in partnership with the Games Institute of the University of Waterloo, this white paper explores and prescribes effective approaches for implementing gamification in your workplace.