About Us

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We are a group of organizational development professionals specializing in knowledge transfer, goal attainment, learning transfer, and hiring.  Our team is made up of industrial and organizational psychologists, business management consultants, trained researchers, and performance measurement analysts.

We have combined our wealth of experience to develop turn-key software based programs that facilitate successful hiring, onboarding, engagement, mentoring, and goal attainment.   We work with you to identify and implement creative customized solutions that help you achieve organizational success. 

We are based in Guelph Ontario and have been in business since 2008.  Our client list includes many medium to large businesses operating in a variety of industries and markets.

Problems that we solve:

Learning and Knowledge Transfer

Sustain your learning and knowledge transfer initiatives.

Custom Measurement

Identify and gather the dashboard metrics that matter most to your success.

Business Growth

Capitalize on innovation by auditing and planning strategically for the future.

Change and Transformation

Bring vision and discipline to your change process to navigate transformation in a lasting, effective manner.


Promote and sustain knowledge transfer with mentor-matching technology that works.

Level Up!

Train your organization to stay focused and reliably attain goals.