Dr. Arlene Scott, PhD

Change Consultant

Arlene’s purpose is to work with leaders and their organizations to drive performance. She employs a guiding principle which accepts that people perform and flourish when they experience meaning and purpose in their work. As an experienced facilitator of whole system change, she focuses on clarifying outcomes and genuine involvement and engagement with leaders and stakeholders.

Arlene has 25 years of experience in business-oriented Change Management/Organization Development globally. She has broad and deep experience across a wide-range of sectors, including professional services, healthcare, financial services, hi-tech, energy, government. She has a long track record of success in work with CEOs and senior executives and their teams to optimize individual and collective capacity to lead organizations amidst rapidly changing business environments.

Recent clients include: National Health Service (UK), General Electric, Blue Shield of California, CS First Boston, Disney University, Gap, Inc., McKesson Corporation, United Nations Development Program, Los Alamos National Laboratories, PricewaterhouseCoopers (U.S. & U.K.), the Prudential, Tetra Pak International, and U.S. House of Representatives.