Neil LaChapelle

Designer/OD Consultant

Neil LaChapelle makes knowledge work for people. He is a design leader, business educator and strategic consultant, with a talent for clarifying complex bodies of knowledge so they can be applied to solve business problems.

Neil began his career as Creative Director of the elearning design team that built one of the world's first 100% online universities. Since that time he has led design projects or served as principal designer for dozens of additional business education and leadership development programs. He crafts compelling knowledge and learning products, and can coordinate the efforts of crossmedia teams to do the same.

Drawing on decades of experience as an entrepreneur and business advisor, Neil understands the many challenges faced by business leaders. His strategic consulting practice focuses on helping executives make sense of complex options; clarifying direction, purpose and processes. Neil's capacity for sensemaking makes him a walking antidote to information overload - a clarifier of knowledge and decisions in all contexts.

Neil has an enduring interest in what Peter Drucker called the management challenge of the 21st century - determining how to make knowledge workers productive. He is a writer or co-author of several academic papers, books and industry reference materials. Any time knowledge needs to be assimilated and applied to serve the needs of business organizations, for training or decision-making purposes, Neil adds value.