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Posted March 20, 2018 by Jonathan Jackson

We made a New Year’s resolution here at ODScore Inc. We resolved to do a better job of practising what we preach.

It took a time of crisis for us to realize how easy it was to become sidetracked and knocked off course. That’s ironic, given that we specialize in goal attainment strategies for the agile workplace, but it was proof that it really can happen to the best of us.

Our signature goal attainment strategy is called Level Up! It can help your organization to reach its goals by providing employees with tools to overcome our natural human tendencies to rely on willpower, pep talks, rewards and punishments.

One of these tools is Kanban, a work and workflow visualization tool. We’re walking the walk at ODScore by relying on an electronic Kanban board that helps us to keep track of where we are at any given time with any specific project.

A typical physical Kanban board is often a whiteboard that is divided into three categories: To Do, Doing/Being Done, and Done. Sticky notes representing each task are physically moved from one category to another on the board as the tasks go through the workflow system.

We’re using an electronic board rather than a whiteboard, and we’ve modified it to suit our own needs. The beauty of Kanban is that you can always modify it and refine it based on what works best for you, because one size does not fit all.

In our case, each employee can look at the board and see everyone else’s production docket, which saves time that we used to devote to back-and-forth emails in order to find out who was doing what. The email process regularly disrupted our daily workflow, but we’ve eliminated that obstacle, and we can definitely see the results.

Our board also gives us the ability to track against deliverables, and we will be able to use this feature to better project how long it will take us to accomplish a task. This will also be a valuable learning process for us; if we think that a task will take us a half-hour but it ends up taking two-and-a-half days, we will have to reflect on this discrepancy and figure out how to resolve it in the future. We need to find out the cause of the delay and shorten it, or else we need to give ourselves more realistic timelines.

It feels good to put something into our Done category! It also frees up our brains so that we can be focused on our next task to be done, rather than be worried about managing the to-do lists on our calendars or in our heads.

We’re always learning at ODScore so that we can continue to demonstrate best practices in goal attainment, and in the other products and services that we offer. Contact us to find out how you can Level Up!


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