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Mentoring: How To Be An Effective Mentor

Posted November 14, 2017 by Jonathon Jackson


People want to work with mentors for a variety of reasons. They may want to develop their job and life skills, they may want to improve their work performance, they may want to advance their careers, and they may also want to explore what career options are out there (i.e. students). An effective mentor can help in these areas as mentees set their own specific goals.

But what makes a mentor effective? You may be surprised to realize that the first step to being a good mentor requires only a commitment to some very simple principles.

Many years ago, the Center for Coaching and Mentoring conducted a survey that asked people to describe their mentors – in particular, what it was that had made them helpful to the respondents.

According to Matt Starcevich, the Center’s founder and CEO, the results of the survey showed that most respondents felt that their best mentors were role models who stood out not necessarily because of what they had accomplished in their careers, but because of how they conducted themselves.

They were empathetic, and could listen to their mentees without being judgmental.

They were unselfish with their time, and dedicated time to be with their mentee.

They consistently provided insightful feedback.

They took a personal interest in and cared about their mentees and the pursuit of their mentoring goals.

They encouraged their mentees to strive for success.

They were supportive and understanding.

They were sincere, open, and honest.

They collaborated with their mentees as partners rather than as leaders with followers.

They recognized potential in their mentees, and expressed confidence in them.

They demonstrated patience.

Even though the survey is not new, its findings are still relevant today for mentors and mentees, and also for people in everyday life. Being a good mentor mainly requires the implementation of these principles.

At ODScore Inc., we believe that adhering to these behaviours is easily achievable with the right support and guidance. We specialize in designing programs that integrate mentoring best practices and deliver mutually beneficial and fulfilling mentoring relationships.


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