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ODScore Partners with Innovation Guelph on the Rhyze Project

Posted December 11, 2017 by Jonathon Jackson

Innovation Guelph recently teamed up with ODScore Inc. on the Rhyze Project, a women’s entrepreneurial pilot program that was designed to increase the number of women-led businesses in Guelph and Wellington County. This was accomplished by matching women in the pilot program with mentors from the community to help support them in their learning.

ODScore’s role included utilizing a mentor-matching algorithm that helped bring participants together based on goals, experience, location, and results from the Knowledge Transfer Index, a psychometric instrument that looks at how people intake and share information and knowledge. The KTI is used to help mentors and mentees plan their approach and learn more about each other. ODScore also provided important program support and evaluation.

Kristel Manes is the Director of Operations at Innovation Guelph, and the Director of the Rhyze Project. In this short video, Manes talks about how ODScore was the perfect partner for the Rhyze Project, and how she hopes this relationship will continue and grow through a planned expansion of the program.


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