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Webinar: “Best Practices for Implementing a Successful Mentoring Program - Getting the Benefits, Avoiding the Pitfalls”

Posted January 17, 2017 by Amy Strachan

Hosted on: January 17, 2017

Presented by Christy Pettit, Founder & CEO, ODScore Inc., A Leader in Corporate & Association Mentoring Programs.

View this webinar where Christy Pettit outlines how to implement a successful mentoring program in your organization. Christy has a wealth of knowledge and a deep level of experience having developed the ODScore mentoring program and supporting technology more than nine years ago. Christy and her team have  gained tremendous experience in deploying the mentoring program to numerous organizations and associations – and she will share much of this experience with you in this webinar, including the key pitfalls to avoid.

This webinar also illustrates how implementing a successful mentoring program will lead to important benefits for your organization or association – the benefits include enriching your knowledge transfer strategy, enhancing talent management, improving succession planning and execution, and improving retention of your key employees or members.


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