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White Paper: Turning Pleasure into Business - Gamification in the Workplace

Posted June 16, 2016 by Christy Pettit

Based on new research commissioned by ODScore Inc. and Mitacs, in partnership with the Games Institute of the University of Waterloo, this white paper explores and prescribes effective approaches for implementing gamification in your workplace.

ODScore has uncovered the following findings:

  • At the heart of every gamification effort is a desire to inspire and channel motivation, creativity and perseverance among users.

  • Reality isn’t engineered to maximize our potential. Reality wasn’t designed from the bottom up to make us happy. . . games are providing rewards that reality is not.

  • Why organizations should follow an embedded gamification approach over superficial or integrated approaches

  • How to implement gamification following the right RECIPE - Reflection, Engagement, Choice, Information, Play, and Exposition.

  • When implementing gamification - “A good system allows its designers to consider variables and make appropriate adjustments immediately and over time.

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