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White Paper:The Problems with Plans

Posted September 21, 2016 by Christy Pettit and Neil LaChapelle with Jonathon Jackson

ODScore Can Help You Attain Your Goals Through Better Planning

ODScore examines why traditional planning and goal attainment methods are beginning to fail us as the pace of change increases. We discuss why project management practices must change and we dive further into key topics such as:
  • The Planning Fallacy
  • The Resultant Fallacious Plans
  • Outcome of the Planning Fallacy
  • New Productivity Systems
  • The Transportation Metaphor
Our research has determined that traditional planning often fails because of the exaggerated importance of the static plan. New productivity systems have been developed which are far more inclusive and adaptable, and which result in planning processes that can actually make positive differences in terms of goal attainment and organizational productivity. In the white paper we explain these systems and show how they differ from one another and from traditional planning practices.
At ODScore Inc., we believe there are specific tools that you can use to improve goal attainment within your organization. We specialize in goal attainment strategies through our Level Up! workshop.  Level Up! will help your organization by providing your employees with tools designed to help them to reliably set goals and successfully meet goals, to stay focused on what matters most to the customer, and to build a portfolio of success practices.
Participants in this workshop will specifically learn to:
  • Identify problems with traditional goal-setting practices
  • Understand the brain science around goal attainment
  • Establish clear priorities
  • Define goals and break down tasks
  • Understand different customer profiles and needs
  • Recognize and harness core motivations
  • Develop strategies for sustaining positive change
Level Up! develops the mindset and skillset that make you successful in continuous change. Please visit ODScore.com for more information on the ODScore Inc. portfolio and solutions.
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