Do you recruit the right talent?  Does your organization have a defined hiring process? How often do you put the right person, with the right skills in the right job, at the right time.  

The ODScore® Hiring program adapts to your individual organizational circumstances to help you define roles effectively and evaluate new hires based on skills that you need. This tool streamlines your hiring process and can fuel an on-boarding path customized to each new recruit. 

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Is there a knowledge gap in your organization? Do you need to retain key talent or transform your culture? How can you accelerate the transfer of knowledge between your seasoned baby boomers and rising millennials?

The ODScore® Mentoring program utilizes proprietary mentor-matching technology to identify the best matches for mentors and mentees based on your pre-established matching criteria. Our program manager control dashboard enables you to set up and manage your program easily and seamlessly. 

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Goal Attainment

We set goals all the time, but how often do we achieve them?  Success in reaching shared goals depends on the individual performance of each team member.

The ODScore® Level Up goal attainment workshop teaches methods for reliably meeting goals and staying focused on what matters most.  Strengthen your organizations ability to strategically identify, frame and attain goals with this 1 day workshop.  

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