Learning and Knowledge Transfer

How do you transfer knowledge within your organization?  What tools do you provide new recruits to help them get up to speed quickly on your business?  How do you preserve knowledge? 

ODScore® works with organizations to develop learning and knowledge transfer solutions that are customized to the unique needs of your organization.  We work with you to achieve sustainment of your learning and knowledge transfer initiatives after the class room. 

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Custom Measurement

Do you have all the information you need to make informed decisions?  Do you need measurement data that is customized to the unique circumstances of your organization?

The ODScore® Measurement Service identifies what matters most to the success of your organization, and puts it on a dashboard to help you steer. Our tools look at different dimensions of individual and organizational performance and provide you with clear data designed to inform and guide decision making.  

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People and Knowledge Succession

Are key relationships protected by healthy overlap in the contacts your organization maintains with them?  Are you confident your business is covered from a business continuity perspective?

ODScore® helps organizations to capture tacit knowledge from your key people so if someone leaves, it does not leave with them.  We identify and profile key positions and help you to develop potential successors. 

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Business Growth Strategies

How do you strategically plan to capitalize on innovation?  Do you feel you have the right people and plans in place to take the next step?

ODScore® works with organizations to audit business growth and continuity opportunities.  We can help you to plan strategically for the future of your business.  The programs we can put in place will develop leaders who are ready to capitalize on innovation.

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Change and Transformation

Is your organization planning for major organizational change in the future?  Are you seeking solutions to effectively manage these changes to achieve lasting transformation?

At ODScore® we can help you navigate change in a lasting, effective manner.  Whether your organization is moving to agile, upgrading systems, involved in a merger or acquisition our change and transformation practice brings vision and discipline to your process.

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